The Sunday Currently | Volume 27

I think I need to repeat my introduction last Sunday: 

“No tomorrow-is-Monday feels tonight because tomorrow’s a holiday again! Yay! This is a kind of feeling money can’t buy. Haha! So I have a lot of time to write, think, paint, and sleep.”

Haha! Same thoughts…

Explaining: The featured picture. I went outside a while ago with my brothers. Nothing too important really. My little brother (who’s actually taller than me) wanted to buy a shirt. So we accompanied him…Before we went home, we dropped by a fast food chain…And while eating my brother took a picture of me. 😁

Frustrated: A little bit? I’m so unproductive lately. I don’t know if where my time is going. I need to fix my thesis proposal and yet I haven’t touched it for a long time. 🙄

Feeling: Tired. My eyes are tired. I need to rest after posting this one.

Eating: Cloud 9! Hehe. Lately, I’ve been buying a lot of it. I always make sure there’s a chocolate bar or two inside my bag. Haha.

Reading: I was reading a while ago The Kafka on the Shore. Still! C’mon! Haha. I’m near the end though. I might as well finish it tomorrow. And that means I’m obliged to write a review. Yikes. 

Remembering: Nothing significant to remember. Mmmm.

Playing: I’m listening to Taylor Swift‘s new song Look What You Made Me Do. I even read a lot of articles about it. Haha. The meaning behind the song. And now before I go to sleep the song still keeps on playing on my head. Ugh. Look what you made me do?

Looking: Escape. 

Thinking: Of calming my thoughts. Haha. How ironic. How can I calm my thoughts if I keep on thinking?

Thinking Again: Of what to paint next. I’ve been painting a lot these last two days of vacation. It’s such a stress-reliever for me. Here are my paintings so far…

Appreciating: Preloved items. I’ll be writing a post about it soon? Hehe. Lately, I’ve been buying a lot of preloved clothes. I don’t know what’s with me but I love the feeling of saving money. Or so I thought. 

Craving: For travel this upcoming long weekend. Yes! It will be a long weekend again next week! 😍

Wishing: That I won’t be one of those who will be assign as examiners for the upcoming NCAE.

Missing: Him.

Thanking: God for the blessings my family received this week and for healing my lola…

Daydreaming: Of being with him.

Loving: Everything about love. 💖

By the way, thank you for all those who had followed the blog, 268 people to be exact. Two hundred sixty-eight and counting. Feel free to share your thoughts. And thank you for being around. It means a lot.

Until next Sunday. 😉


One thought on “The Sunday Currently | Volume 27

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  1. I like the beat of Look What You Made Me Do pero I don’t really like the thought of it. Parang she’s not taking responsibility for her actions tapos sinisisi niya sa iba kung bakit siya ganun. I’ve been reading negative comments about it, same thoughts rin, pero hoping pa rin ako na okay ‘yung ibang songs niya on her album. 🙂

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