All for the Love of Writing

It’s been a while since my last post. I haven’t been on the blogosphere for some days because I was busy with work and graduate studies. I wasn’t even able to post for The Sunday Currently. Okay. Let me explain…

It was a long weekend here in the Philippines. However, I and my fellow school paper advisers weren’t able to enjoy it much since our training for campus journalism was scheduled from Saturday to Monday. Awful, isn’t it? But no problem for me. Let it be! I love journalism!

So the Saturday and Sunday passed. We were busy with a lot of writing. On the first day, our topic was TV broadcasting. A topic I love… But we weren’t able to have a good workshop due to lack of equipments. Sad. 😪 But now I understand how the script on TV News Program works like the OBB, VO-SOT, SIL-SOT and many more! Haha.

Also, we made a script for Radio Broadcasting and we won First Place! Yay!

On the second day, we had the lecture on Collaborative Desktop Publishing. This time it is the printed news. I enjoyed it better because it’s more on writing and layouting. Introverting is life, you know. Hehe.

So we made an on-the-spot newspaper. And guess what, we won First Place again! 😍

The third day was the most stressful yet enjoyable one for me. I love it when I can’t think of anything aside from paper works. Yes. I am workaholic like that.

Anyway, we flooded the day with a lot of topics. Editorial Writing, News Writing, Feature Writing, and even Headline Writing and Copyreading. Because of time constraints we only had 10-minute workshops which required us to write the titles, introductions, and conclusions of different articles. Yay! Information overload! But one thing I need to mention is that my brain works a lot when it is cramming. So after competing against the outputs of my fellow teachers from different towns in the whole province of Ilocos Sur, here’s the result:

3rd Place, News Writing
3rd Place, Editorial Writing
5th Place, Copyreading and Headline Writing

Overall, it was fun. It’s the kind of stress that you’ll soon realize is a good thing. And the presence of my best friends made the training a lot better. 😍

But this is not the end though. There are still many words to write as much as there are many books to read.

But for the love or writing, I can surely sacrifice a long weekend.

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