A Day of Protest

I woke up late today. Waking up late is very unusual in so many levels: a) it is Thursday, b) there should be classes, and c) it is not a holiday. But waking up late is not an issue because on this day there’s enough reason why rather than being in the classroom, I am here blabbering about not waking up early. Yes, work and classes are suspended today because of the so-called Day of Protest.

A Day of Protest. It is something new to my ears…something I haven’t imagine could come to existence. The world must be really getting extra weird because a day like this started to pop up. Days before, I’ve been hearing rumours that there wouldn’t be classes on September 21. At first, I was glad. As a typical teacher, one day being out of the classroom means a lot. But then I was a bit (is there a word lesser than bit?)…I was a bit disappointed, I could have finished a lesson for a day.  Yes. There are so many things to feel and think once you enter a teacher’s head or life.

Anyway, it’s a day of protest. For those who have complaints and grievances, it’s time to be vocal and air them all today. Make sure what you are fighting for must be heard. But for me, I’m trying to simplify my life—not that I don’t care—I do care but I learned not to complicate this complicated life anymore. So I’m airing here my protest…no I’m not taking sides neither protesting against or for the current administration. You see? I have my own issues…every one of us has… so here are mine. I’m totally against the following things listed below:

  1. The mosquitoes biting my legs and thighs right now. I literally need a placard and beat the hell out of these enemies!
  2. My own procrastination. Right now, I’m supposed to be doing my lesson plan, research proposal, and screening materials for the student publication. But I’m here writing about them rather than starting to do them.
  3. The immaturity and OA-ness (Over Acting) of the characters of this teleserye my mother is watching. Getting soaked in the rain just to ask apology from a jealous wife. Oh c’mon! Viewers deserve better than this cliché.
  4. The lack of enough time to do the things we love to do. So today rather than doing any school-related tasks, I just did what I preferred. I sketched, played the guitar, eat junkfoods, and blog.
  5. Slow internet connection and the high bill we’re paying  for it.

To be continued.


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