The Sunday Currently | Volume 30

It doesn’t feel like weekend because I’m not at our house. I’m here at my mother’s town. Well, I wanted to see my pamangkin (niece) whom I haven’t seen for months now. So my Sunday goes like this…

Explaining: The featured picture. It’s just a random picture I had taken out of the blue. Then I realized it how it reminds me so much of winter… though I haven’t tried that personally because hellooo? when did winter happened in the Philippines? Hehe. 

Frustrated: Yes. It was announced that there will be no classes tomorrow and I’m so frustrated my head hurts. For a lazy gal like me, I should be very happy, but no…I can’t! Not in times like this when I’m rushing with the activities of my students and the examination will be on Wednesday then after that will be sembreak. There are a lot of things to do! And why is it that there’s too little time to do them.

Feeling: Heartbroken 💔. I don’t know. I’m very happy last Friday, even yesterday. But now, I’m very sad. I’ve seen again many saddening posts in Facebook. Like that security guard eating while standing because he doesn’t have a lunch break. Like that video about Marawi and the soldier crying. Like that 6-year-old thread in one of the groups I belong which was accidentally deleted. 

Haaaays. Call me mababaw or what… But I can easily be saddened by simple things. 😁

Reading: John Green’s Paper Towns which I am planning to use for my Thesis.

Remembering: My pamangkin and her cute voice. Here’s a photo of us early this morning! Hehe


Playing: None at the moment. I’m very emotional right now and a song would just worsen it. 

Looking: Something that will free my mind of stress.

Thinking: Of my order in Shoppee which will arrive this week. Hehe. For my friends in Ph who haven’t tried using the app for online shopping, you should try it because items there are very affordable yet with assured quality. Just don’t be addicted. You had been warned. 😉

Thinking Again: Of none. I’m in the process of clearing my mind after all the emotions I’m going through right now–from being helplessly in love to hopelessly heartbroken. Gah! This is maddening.

Appreciating: The waves 🌊 I had seen a while ago. I think because of the weather, the waves have those white ends and they keep on kissing the shore with those sexy curves! Yes I am still talking about waves! about the sea! Don’t get me wrong. Hehe. 

The whole time while I was watching the waves, I was saying to my self, “Wow! This is soooo Tumblr-y.”

Craving: For the sea. *sea the line where the sky meets the sea it calls meeee! 🐚

Wishing: That may I be able to let all my students finish their performance tasks on Tuesday. Oh please!

Missing: Him.

Thanking: God for the blessings my family received this week.

Daydreaming: Of traveling with my friends to somewhere cold.

Loving: True love.

By the way, thank you for all those who had followed the blog, 290 people to be exact. Two hundred ninety and counting. Feel free to share your thoughts. And thank you for being around. It means a lot.

Until next Sunday. 😉

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