Let’s Run Away

“I don’t like physical activities. When I was a student, I hated PE. I don’t trust myself when it comes to anything that requires physical strength. 

It became worse when I joined last year’s #colormanilablacklightrun and got myself into an ambulance after just a kilometer or two.

Color Manila BlackLight Run 2016

But that wasn’t enough reason to convince me not to join anymore. I hated running, yes, but I’m so in love with colors I would want to play with it that much. 
So this year, I signed up again and got myself ready for the 10-kilometer run. Yes, another try. 

2017: My favorite number. My Initials

This time, I made sure I would have enough sleep. I brought with me an energy drink. And I even had daily squats for weeks. I prepared somehow. And now I can finally say, I’m not that weak. I finished the 10-kilometer run…

This is not something to brag about but it’s just something I can say proudly to myself who has for many years believed that she can’t do more than that.

Actually, she did because she believed she can.

So joining this year means a lot because for someone who hates defeat, a good comeback is a must. 

And this year? I defeated my old self. šŸ˜‰


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