What am I Doing?

It's 12:45 AM and I'm here stalking myself in the blogosphere. I mean, I'm reading my past posts and I'm like, "This girl is sooo relatable." Haha! (I'm telling my own self that I am relatable. Nice. I should give myself a high five). 😅 Then I reached a post that seems to be painful... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently | Volume 31

It's been a long time since my last Sunday Currently post. No excuses. I'm not good in that. I'm just busy with...with...procrastinating and dilly-dallying. Anyway, I want to post for my blog and shout, "Hey blogosphere! I'm still alive! I'm still in right?" Hehe. Okay. No more delaying tactics. So here we go. Explaining: The... Continue Reading →

My Own Opinion on “Pagrereto”

Just because people think I'm single oftentimes I receive unsolicited "recommendations" of guys I can consider to be my boyfriend. I never thought that such act has this negative effect on me. Yes maybe, the person recommending is just concern that I may live a LONELY life in the future ALONE. There you go, redundancy... Continue Reading →

2018: A Year of Hope (at least for me)

Nothing much in 2017. I only had some artsy Instagramy and VSCOeeey stuff, which I'm grateful especially that I got a friend to capture them. However, (naks, thesis ba ituuu?) I hope 2018 would give me more moments not necessarily captured by camera but...(how shall I explain it) but something that just...hm... just stays... something... Continue Reading →

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