Book Review & Quotes: Yup I am that Girl by Maine Mendoza

I’m not a diehard fan, especially if you’re going to consider it in the lens of show business. I rarely do have Filipino actors and actresses I really love. Yung sagad sa buto kind of love? Only few. Hindi lalagpas sa lima. πŸ˜…

But Maine Mendoza is one of the actresses I admire. It’s not because of what I watch from the screen but mostly because she’s a self-confessed introvert. Yup. I am extra bias to introverts because I’m definitely one of them. 

I can relate to what Maine was saying about that unexplainable awkwardness we feel whenever we talk with people. It’s like our minds are going in all directions and we’re trying to suppress it so that we will not make fool out of ourselves or say something gibberish. You know, acting to be normal when in fact we’re freaking inside is difficult. That’s why we oftentimes prefer to stay in our own homes and avoid humans–not that we’re anti-social, we just need some time to be with ourselves…alone.

So, I understand how she feels as an introvert thrown to the limelight. Ang hirap siguro nun.

Anyway, what I enjoyed reading in her book is her story. I hope they (editorial team) didn’t try to include much of advice. Personally, I’m allergic to self-help books. Who knows exactly how to run someone else’s life. I’m a big believer in individuality is what I’m saying.  

I also like how she included songs she loves to listen to. I downloaded some of them. And yes, they definitely give eargasm. 

One thing that made me a bit disappointed was the fact that I was hoping that I would read again her blog entries in the book. Unluckily, they were not there. I would have loved to read them again in a hard copy. Hehe. Dami kong alam. Daming arte. πŸ˜‚

Anyway! Here are some quotable lines I had read from Maine’s Yup I am that Girl:

1. My shyness comes with awkwardness and weirdness.

2. I have this heavy feeling in my chest for no reason or for some reason I do not know yet.

3. My glass is half full or half empty… It just depends on how thirsty I am.

4. Truth is, I hated having to interact with people, but I had no choice.

5. Just be you. Unless you can be BeyoncΓ©, then be BeyoncΓ©! 

6. Humans can be really complicated and unpredictable but we do find gems in some.

7. Human interaction was never (and will never be) my forte.

8. I’m a fan of finding pleasure in the simplest things.

9. No matter how rich you are, money cannot give you genuine happiness. Therefore, if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. Charing!

10. Charot, not charot.

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