My Own Opinion on “Pagrereto”

Just because people think I’m single oftentimes I receive unsolicited “recommendations” of guys I can consider to be my boyfriend. I never thought that such act has this negative effect on me. Yes maybe, the person recommending is just concern that I may live a LONELY life in the future ALONE. There you go, redundancy for emphasis. πŸ™„

But hey, being single is not (that) lonely especially if you have hobbies and career that decorate your (supposed-to-be) boring life. 

Another thing that is so fudging frustrating is if you recommend someone, it makes me feel that I’m a desperate lady looking for a partner! Like duh! Never as desperate as you are who think life would only be complete if there’s a guy you can flaunt in social media’s eyes. C’mon! Are you even happy in the first place? Baka mas masaya pa mga single. 😏

Anyway, I’m aware that there are instances that such act were successful. Let’s give these heroes an applause for theis successful recommendations and the happy relationships that started from it. But then again, don’t count me in. I’m a big believer of that CLICK– that unexplainable feeling I should have when the universe introduces me to the one. I repeat, universe… not person. I’m such a hopeless romantic, I know. 😏

By the way, before I end this note. Did I mention that the universe already introduced me to that person? So next time, before you set up a person to another person make sure h/she is single.

Thank you no thank you!



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