To the Love of my Life 002

You make me feel high. My mind flashes with fireworks. And I don’t know how to tame my running, jumping, shouting thoughts.
It’s euphoria. It’s that type of happiness which the word happy will be shy of itself because it’s not enough; it’s an understatement.

Being with you makes my mind run wild. I excruciatingly want to do the most impossible thing there is– to stop time.

I want to hold the hands of the clock and make them stop moving–the hour, the minute…the second. And if I fail to make time stop, I would chase it. I would stop it from running right at that moment when I am wrapped by your ams, listening to your heartbeat.

Love, you’re the complete definition of my own contentment.

I know for a certain that each person must find that specific reason to feel complete.

For me it’s your presence.

It’s the feeling I get when you’re near me.

It’s the feeling I have when you’re away.

It’s your eyes, your lashes, your lips, your touch…

It’s your scent.

It’s your effect on me…

It’s your love.

It’s you.

To the Love of my Life is a series of the author’s written thoughts and expressions of love for her other half.


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