Dead End

I reached a point in life where everything seems to be a dead end. Work. Dream. Love. I tried to set my (figurative) sight as far as what it could reach. But I can see nothing more to what “this” is… None! 

Many times I walk and move without any feeling to feel. It’s like I’m a robot… or worse…a walking dead. 

There’s nothing to look forward to. It’s a dead end. I got a dead-end job which I’m not really excited about, a dream which is already dead the moment I made wrong choices as I entered college, and an undying love which is slowly killing me. I thought by the time I reached 25 I would have it all figured out… but no… I don’t have any idea what I’m doing with my life!!! I’m lost without anyone to run to. 

I’m worse than dead. 


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