Book Review: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Not really a fan of Sparks except for A Walk to Remember (of course). However, he is still one of the trusted authors in my list …but I’m not really into love stories right now…I’m not a fan of typical adult love stories–those novels in which a man and a woman met, they fell in love, they got a problem, they solved a problem, and they lived happily ever after… No. I’m not a fan of those things. I’m into detective stories, philosophy, weird stuff, or teenage angst, stories of trying to figure out who you are…of struggling…of reaching dreams… Existential crisis. Or maybe, I just don’t like these kinds of novels because of their covers–those with a man and a woman and you can guess the rest. They look like those “pocket books” which I don’t really like. Sorry. Yes, I judge books by their covers.

Luckily, I found this one without any person in the cover. On this novel, I was bored for the first 130 pages. I’ve been reading this for months and you know I’m not that interested if I haven’t finished it for a week. 😅 I only got excited when detective-puzzle-suspense elements were added into the middle. The climax was good… But the denouement, (oh, I’ve been waiting my whole life to use that word!), but the denouement brought me back to my boredom when I was reading the first chapter. And the twist in the ending, the one in which the protagonist’s friend was not alive but was a ghost who happened to be the dead wife of the man she loves. The major parts of the book was so realistic and that not-so-realistic part was added just to make me feel off by the end of the novel. 🙂

But to calm the hearts of Sparks’ fans, who might be enraged by this post, this novel had sent me some messages I should also think about…and I’m still thinking about them now. 😉

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