2018 Best Nine

I was able to tick some destinations from my bucketlist. Some were not on the original list but came as unplanned and were equally awesome. Ang dami pang dapat puntahan at ang dami pang mirang na dapat itrabaho because we’re not RK like that.

I thank Lord JAH for all the blessings this year…and for letting me experience and see His creations and witness Him closer and realize “the depth of God’s riches and wisdom.” šŸ™‚

1. Flotsam and Jetsam
2. Mt. Kalugong
3. Northen Blossoms
4. Mt. Timbak
5. Sa ere (courtesy of PAL) šŸ˜‚
6. Kabigan Falls
7. Pasaleng Beach
8. 10,000 Roses
9. Chocolate Hills

Despite all the frustrations, stagnations, boredom, failures, (failed dates for example šŸ˜‚), wrong decisions, unwanted situations, emptiness, and vice versa (the opposite of all those feelings)…

dearest Year 2018, you rocked! šŸŽ‰


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