The Sunday Currently | Volume 33

Hi, 2019! To those who are (still) following this blog and also those who are reading this post…Happy New Year! I’m writing this post because I want to start the year right and because I miss writing this one. So here it goes.

Explaining: Here comes again the start of the year when I’m quite obsessed with doing things right and by doing things right I mean downloading and printing those free printable calendars and planners. I am fond of this things (planners, sticky notes, cutesy calendars) because they make me feel like I can keep my shit altogether. And I got all things figured although honestly I don’t.
Even though I’ve seen a post recently that says, “You have maturity when you believe that new year is not the only time to change.” C’mon. We can change every day but when it’s new year it feels like you have the next 365 to make yourself better. Or so I thought. 😁

Planning: I’m planning to have one piece of artwork, one copy of book, one output in calligraphy, one piece of poem, and one or two movies to finish every month. My mistake last year was that I wasn’t able to make any artwork aside from the one below because I was busy with many other things–I focus so much on rewatching How I Met your Mother and the Harry Potter series…aside from finishing my 12 books for the year…and I was overwhelmed with my travels that I forgot or didn’t give Painting the time it deserves.

Frustrated: Why did frustration came next after I just wrote a hopeful note on the Explaining part? Well…okay…I’m going to express some frustrations that I’m still carrying from the previous year.
I am quite frustrated of my decisions when it comes to love. I think I did a terrible decision to just shut my door and decided to be single when in fact good “prospects” expressed their interest and even asked me to go out at one point. I think I shouldn’t have done that. I mean…showing disinterest. I’m quite frustrated because maybe if I was really that cooperative, would I still be alone at the beginning of this year? But then again, they say, “Don’t fall in love for the sake of company especially when you’re lonely.” But I’m not lonely…I’m confused and frustrated. So I don’t know.

Feeling: Hopeful. Yes. I am. New Year. New chances of winning! 😂 It’s the time to reflect on last year…and to recheck my goals and plan on how to achieve them this year…if not, get closer to them.

Craving: Milk Tea. I’m addicted to tapioca pearls and wintermelon.
<insert milk tea emoji> 😂

Reading: French Dictionary.
Last year. I did not achieve my goal of learning French so this year I’m working in that goal and I decided I’m going to achieve that by learning a word every day.
By the way, I bought this book for 49 pesos when I was looking at a book sale last December… So I felt that might be the sign for me to really learn the language. Merci. 😅

Playing: None. I haven’t played the guitar and ukele this year yet.

Looking: for an affordable luggage for my next travel. ✈️

Thinking: Of so many things, my mind is just crowded… I can’t sleep.

Thinking Again: Of finishing my thesis. I’m going to enroll next week, I hope I can really finish it this time.

Appreciating: The places I traveled to last year. Would 2019 be able to be as awesome as last year? I hope so.

Wishing: Praying. More on praying. I’m praying that may God continue to keep us all healthy and happy this year.

Missing: I don’t know. I’m missing my peace of mind, maybe?

Thanking: God.

Daydreaming: It was actually a real dream. I always dream of this guy I dated last year…which shouldn’t be because we already stopped talking so whyyyyy? Why dear dreams? Why are you doing this to meeee? Nananahimik ako. Haha

Loving: Life. I’m in love with life–my family, friends, the places, this planet, awesome people, good books, nice food, life’s surprises… hopeful hopes…arghhh. I love this life. Thank you, Lord! 💜

By the way, thank you for all those who had followed the blog,340 people to be exact. Three hundred forty and counting. Feel free to share your thoughts. And thank you for being around. It means a lot.
Until next Sunday. 😉


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