Ten Things I Learned in 26 Years

1. Relationship is good but freedom is better (unless the person is better than the freedom, then love wins…because in very rare conditions, there are relationships that feel like loving is freedom itself so…)

2. Don’t let adulting kill the child in you. (Don’t let the society make you forget the goodness of that little kid who is hiding in that happy corner of your heart. Adulting sucks and we can’t escape it but don’t let it change you too much you forget who you really are… It’s good to grow up and be responsible but don’t compromise too much of your muchness to something so artificial and temporary.)

3. Choose your own battles and work hard to win in them. (You cannot have two masters in life, so it’s about time to decide which road to take from many roads less traveled by. You decide what you really want in life. What really makes you feel alive.)

4. Get away from drama, stress, pressure, and other unnecessary things humanity imposted on itself. (No explanation needed…just get away from them no matter what because they’re just waste of your limited time on earth.)

5. A home is a person. (Treasure the people whom you feel like home–whom you can be your true self. Have more time with them because time is a gift you cannot buy and you cannot bring back. Treasure such people and take care of them. Prioritize them–more than anything else… They are very rare these days).

6. Always take the scenic route. (Choose nature– the creations of God more than the man-made ones…because they will always be better, incomparable, and more magical.) Personal Note: Being with such places make me feel closer to God. I just feel His presence more when I see His creations. And such scenic places make me realize how majestic He is… and how good our God is. And yes, I don’t believe that this world that is so well crafted is just created by a big bang something. No.)

7. Invest in worthwhile things. (Quality is always better than quantity. Invest in bigger things…or experience. Visit different place once in a while. Get out. Meet new peope. Learn a skill. Be amazed with new places. So learn to save, dear self. Spend wisely. Please lang!)

8. Your mind must be at peace with your heart. (Always… Though the Bible says, the heart is the most treacherous thing there is… know how to follow what is right without compromising peace of mind.)

9. People come and go; love those who stay. (Never chase anyone…unless you have this immense feeling you cannot go on with life without them…then chase them…chase them real hard…and if you fail…let them go.)

10. Let happiness come from within and not from other people. (Know yourself. Love both your own angels and demons. If others can’t love you, love yourself. Pamper yourself. Buy your needs…and wants if you can. Let happiness come from yourself and never ask it from other people–because they are busy looking for that too.)

And one thing more…
11. Nobody must dictate you what you should do with your life…or where you should go…or when you should settle…or who you should settle with…or what you should already achieved at a particular age…or whatever they insist you to do…or to be. The thing is you must accept and love you–the good and the bad…because that completes the package that is yourself. Pwedeng mag-inarte. Pwedeng pumili. Pwedeng maging choosy. Deserved mo yan. You owe it to yourself. And whatever and wherever your decisions in life lead you, own it. You are an on-going masterpiece. And life…well life sucks at times…or most of the times…but that’s how a roller coaster ride goes. And that’s what a story jam-packed with adventure should be. Go with what makes you feel alive. This is your life. Live it.


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