Random Thoughts of a Twenty-Something

Many thoughts keep on rummaging my head right now. And why in the world did I put rummaging and head in one sentence...now that's another thing to think about. But I guess I reach another point when too much occupy my mind already that I need to spill some or else...they might explode into an... Continue Reading →


Dead End

I reached a point in life where everything seems to be a dead end. Work. Dream. Love. I tried to set my (figurative) sight as far as what it could reach. But I can see nothing more to what "this" is... None!  Many times I walk and move without any feeling to feel. It's like I'm... Continue Reading →

My Own Opinion on “Pagrereto”

Just because people think I'm single oftentimes I receive unsolicited "recommendations" of guys I can consider to be my boyfriend. I never thought that such act has this negative effect on me. Yes maybe, the person recommending is just concern that I may live a LONELY life in the future ALONE. There you go, redundancy... Continue Reading →


Hi, blogosphere! I might be described like the title of this post since I haven't posted for quite a while now. I have lots to post and write about but I have no time--well except only a few minutes to rant. I'm very busy with the school paper right now. The deadline of the paper... Continue Reading →

Worn Out at its Worst

Hi. I've not been here for quite a while that I even feel like a stranger--not that I'm not a stranger in the first place--but it's like being "more stranger"... If that makes sense.  Anyway, I don't want to make my blog a corner full of rants but I can't help it. I feel so... Continue Reading →

A Day of Protest

I woke up late today. Waking up late is very unusual in so many levels: a) it is Thursday, b) there should be classes, and c) it is not a holiday. But waking up late is not an issue because on this day there‚Äôs enough reason why rather than being in the classroom, I am... Continue Reading →

Mga Bagay na Nakaka-Frustrate

Warning: Non-stop complaints ahead. Proceed at your own risk. 1. Kapag sinabi ng estudyante mong hindi niya maintindihan yung lesson kahit ang dami mo ng strategies na ginamit. Tamad lang silang umintindi. 2. Kapag lahat ng tao nagbibigay ng hindi magandang comment tungkol sa itsura mo. Kesyo sobrang taba o payat mo na, sobrang tangkad... Continue Reading →

And was it all yellow? Or red?

It's raining. In fact, there's a typhoon somewhere north. I was waiting for this news program to give an update regarding the weather but I'm not sure if that part was aired already...because after three commercial breaks or so, the highlight is still given to the issue which captured everyone's attention these past few days.... Continue Reading →

That Time of the Month

Here's the time of the month again when I turn to a monster...Or werewolf maybe? Or vampire? Haha. No. But it's bloody red. I'm just irritated by everything. I don't want to talk. I'm too emotional. I'm easily pissed off with just a simple noise, misbehavior, comment, and scents!  Now, consider the fact that I'm... Continue Reading →

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