Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Review

Oh I love this feeling! I can't totally explain it but it's something that makes me feel good about love and about the world in general. It's like I am walking with sunrays caressing my skin as butterflies flies around making me feel more the cool brush of air. Ah. This feeling of being in... Continue Reading →


Tita Virginia was Right!

I just finished writing a column for the publication in which I've been an editor in chief back in college.   I've been working for this article for a month now. Planned the topic in the first week. Drafted the contents in the second week. Procrastinated in the next. Then I caught myself rushing during... Continue Reading →

My Summer Book Haul

There's always something about books. Maybe, it is their scent? their colorful covers? their shape that when piled looks so attractive (at least for me)? their enclosed worlds and stories? Or maybe all of the above. For me, it is not just about books, rather it is always about collecting them.  Today, my new babies... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Reading 

The thing I love about reading is that I found myself in the frailty, melancholy and obscurity of the characters.  These are the things I fail to see in this real world lately where most of the people wanted to act superior.  With fictional characters, I feel less alone... that all the demons we contain... Continue Reading →

The First 100 is the Hardest

Today, this blog, The Kizzes of All Trades, has reached 100 followers.  This shouldn't be something to be written about. It's nothing to make a fuss over. But I'm just happy to reach more people (more people than none). 😁 The first 100 reminds me of a line from John Green's Looking for Alaska, lying... Continue Reading →

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