My Summer Book Haul

There's always something about books. Maybe, it is their scent? their colorful covers? their shape that when piled looks so attractive (at least for me)? their enclosed worlds and stories? Or maybe all of the above. For me, it is not just about books, rather it is always about collecting them.  Today, my new babies... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Reading 

The thing I love about reading is that I found myself in the frailty, melancholy and obscurity of the characters.  These are the things I fail to see in this real world lately where most of the people wanted to act superior.  With fictional characters, I feel less alone... that all the demons we contain... Continue Reading →

The First 100 is the Hardest

Today, this blog, The Kizzes of All Trades, has reached 100 followers.  This shouldn't be something to be written about. It's nothing to make a fuss over. But I'm just happy to reach more people (more people than none). 😁 The first 100 reminds me of a line from John Green's Looking for Alaska, lying... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Thirteen Books I Love 

(Day 3 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge) Today's topic originally requires me to write about ONE BOOK I love. But who am I to fool if I will only choose one? I had lots of them! It's like being a mom then somebody asked me to choose among my babies. No way. So meet... Continue Reading →

Two Worlds | Para Kay B

I am watching the first episodes of a kDrama, W: Two Worlds. This greatly reminds me of a novel written by Ricky Lee (a Filipino writer famous for breaking literary conventions and traditions). In his novel Para Kay B (For B), he created a story within a story in which the writer in the book... Continue Reading →

Hills Like White Elephants (Reaction Paper)

Fall in love… Get Married… Have a Baby.                 This is the way it should be, but most of the times, these three significant stages of a relationship get disarranged and thus create a big difference.                 Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” presents a typical scenario where in couples, who had jumbled the aforementioned... Continue Reading →

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