Book Review & Quotes: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

The last time I read a John Green book for the first time was the year 2014. That has been three years of waiting for this book.  I was very excited, not to mention the high expectations, as I began reading it. It's John Green, you know. My all-time favorite author. And yes, I'm extra... Continue Reading →


Book Review & Quotes: Yup I am that Girl by Maine Mendoza

I'm not a diehard fan, especially if you're going to consider it in the lens of show business. I rarely do have Filipino actors and actresses I really love. Yung sagad sa buto kind of love? Only few. Hindi lalagpas sa lima. 😅 But Maine Mendoza is one of the actresses I admire. It's not... Continue Reading →

Kafka on the Shore: 5 Reasons Why It Took Me More than 5 Months to Finish It

Reading a book should always be easy especially if it's excellently written. But there's always an exception to that rule. There are books so beautifully written that oftentimes you come across some lines that will just make you want to stop reading, stare at the wall, and question everything. Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore... Continue Reading →


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Review

Oh I love this feeling! I can't totally explain it but it's something that makes me feel good about love and about the world in general. It's like I am walking with sunrays caressing my skin as butterflies flies around making me feel more the cool brush of air. Ah. This feeling of being in... Continue Reading →


Book Review & Quotes: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This book is an easy read. Okay. Let me ellaborate on that. I describe a book like that when I just read without giving too much effort. I don't have heavy feelings and confused thoughts. I just lie there and be with the characters. Then the plot smoothly flows. And I am not obliged to... Continue Reading →


Tita Virginia was Right!

I just finished writing a column for the publication in which I've been an editor in chief back in college.   I've been working for this article for a month now. Planned the topic in the first week. Drafted the contents in the second week. Procrastinated in the next. Then I caught myself rushing during... Continue Reading →


Book Review & Quotes: Aleph by Paulo Coelho

I'm like a walking dead. And thus, this is the book I needed. Or so I thought.  The despair of the author at the beginning made me feel that I was not alone. I'm in search of the same "thing" he was searching. The thing that makes can make me feel alive. Somehow. What made... Continue Reading →


Book Review & Quotes: Jojo Moyes’s Me Before You

This book is heartless. How dare it break my heart like that? How uncouth? How merciless?  I mean, I loved it so much it terribly hurt me. I thought I'll never meet a book like this again. After finishing most works of John Green, Paulo Coelho and Dan Brown, I am left with books I... Continue Reading →


My Summer Book Haul

There's always something about books. Maybe, it is their scent? their colorful covers? their shape that when piled looks so attractive (at least for me)? their enclosed worlds and stories? Or maybe all of the above. For me, it is not just about books, rather it is always about collecting them.  Today, my new babies... Continue Reading →


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