Love is Love.

As usual, I was on Facebook lazily scrolling until I reached a post in which there's this local celebrity who got married to a businessman who happens to be a lot older than her. So I checked the comments expecting to read positive comments or best wishes and the like. But to my disappointment, I... Continue Reading →

To the Love of my Life .0001

I don't have any regrets that among all the people I chose to prioritize, I chose you. You have proven yourself more than what I had expected. And you still keep proving even if I stopped expecting anymore.  Of all the people, you're the one who sticks with me--through the cliché parts of life--through the... Continue Reading →

Unang Ulan ng Mayo

Umuulan ngayon sa Ilocos. Hay. Pagkatapos ng nakakalantang init ng araw maghapon, biglang nagbago ang ihip ng hangin. Tapos ayon, naaamoy ko na ang ulang paparating. Alimuom. Yung amoy ng lupa pagkatapos hagkan ng mga patak ng ulan. Petrichor sa Ingles. Ang bango. Parang kape. May kakaibang pakiramdam na dala. Pero katulad nung sabi ng... Continue Reading →

Was it just a Dream?

Was it just a dream of you and me When the moon bids goodbye to the sea? Or the birds chirp with a happy melody When the trees sway with the wind in a harmony Like how the flowers face the sun and smile widely Or how the river runs deep and silently Was it... Continue Reading →

0007: Our Little Secrets

A lot of secrets had been shared by you and me Like how I know all the marks on your body And how your eyebrows would arch out of curiosity  And also your rants on the clichés of society And how your words would come out instantly  When you think of good lines from a... Continue Reading →

0005: You are the One

You're the song that suddenly reaches my ears When my heart tries to forget nightmares and fears You're the raindrop that caresses my skin When I feel raving numbness from deep within You're the living colors that dances with my sight When everything seems dull like black and white You're the scent of flowers that... Continue Reading →

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