A Message to the Past

You've taken my capability to love. I don't know if I could feel it again someday, but years already passed and I'm still the person whom you've taken a heart from. I don't know if I'll ever be healed...Maybe after one year or two? three? four?...or maybe never...I wanted to be okay again. I should... Continue Reading →


Dear J

Dear J, I want to love you. I want to love you truly and deeply that you wouldn't need to worry about tomorrow because no matter how many times the sun and moon exchange places, my feelings for you will remain constant. I want to love you. I want to have memories with you. I... Continue Reading →

To the Love of my Life 002

You make me feel high. My mind flashes with fireworks. And I don't know how to tame my running, jumping, shouting thoughts. It's euphoria. It's that type of happiness which the word happy will be shy of itself because it's not enough; it's an understatement. Being with you makes my mind run wild. I excruciatingly... Continue Reading →

Kumain Ka Na?

Ewan ko ba kung anong meron sa tanong na “Kumain ka na ba?” at kung bakit ang lakas nitong makapag-I-feel-so-special. Yung tanong na ‘yon eh hindi naman padadaliin yung proseso mo ng pagkain…like if that question pops-up may biglang magpapakita para subuan ka na at hindi mo na kailangang kumilos di ba? Pero iba talaga... Continue Reading →

Itulog mo na lang yan 

Baka bukas hindi ka na pagod Hindi na masakit Ayaw mo nang umiyak Wala ka ng pakialam Yung tipong bahala na sila sa buhay nila Bahala ka na din sa buhay mo Itulog mo na lang yan Baka bukas iba na Wala ka ng ganang magmukmok Ayaw mo nang maging talunan Kaya mo ng tanggapin... Continue Reading →

Hearts Singing with the SongSong

Randomly, I was browsing in Instagram then I came up with @iamrobidomingo's video in which he was playing on the piano a soundtrack of Descendants of the Sun (DOTS). Then emotions filled me. It's not a secret anymore that on October this year, Korean actor Song Joong Ki will marry his DOTS leading lady, Song... Continue Reading →

Love is Love.

As usual, I was on Facebook lazily scrolling until I reached a post in which there's this local celebrity who got married to a businessman who happens to be a lot older than her. So I checked the comments expecting to read positive comments or best wishes and the like. But to my disappointment, I... Continue Reading →

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