I slept and found myself in New York!

Okay. Maybe I'm watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother episodes lately that when I slept last night, I woke up in my dreams roaming the streets of New York. Yes! The City that never sleeps. (And yet I was there for the first time in my sleep.) To be honest, if I... Continue Reading →


Book Review & Quotes: Yup I am that Girl by Maine Mendoza

I'm not a diehard fan, especially if you're going to consider it in the lens of show business. I rarely do have Filipino actors and actresses I really love. Yung sagad sa buto kind of love? Only few. Hindi lalagpas sa lima. 😅 But Maine Mendoza is one of the actresses I admire. It's not... Continue Reading →

2018: A Year of Hope (at least for me)

Nothing much in 2017. I only had some artsy Instagramy and VSCOeeey stuff, which I'm grateful especially that I got a friend to capture them. However, (naks, thesis ba ituuu?) I hope 2018 would give me more moments not necessarily captured by camera but...(how shall I explain it) but something that just...hm... just stays... something... Continue Reading →


Kafka on the Shore: 5 Reasons Why It Took Me More than 5 Months to Finish It

Reading a book should always be easy especially if it's excellently written. But there's always an exception to that rule. There are books so beautifully written that oftentimes you come across some lines that will just make you want to stop reading, stare at the wall, and question everything. Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore... Continue Reading →


A dedication

To The joy and jokes we shared And every memorable moment spent From rare and out-of-ordinary   To oddity and beyond With misadventures and  An encounter that lasts a lifetime



Hi, blogosphere! I might be described like the title of this post since I haven't posted for quite a while now. I have lots to post and write about but I have no time--well except only a few minutes to rant. I'm very busy with the school paper right now. The deadline of the paper... Continue Reading →


Let’s Run Away

"I don't like physical activities. When I was a student, I hated PE. I don't trust myself when it comes to anything that requires physical strength.  It became worse when I joined last year's #colormanilablacklightrun and got myself into an ambulance after just a kilometer or two.   But that wasn't enough reason to convince... Continue Reading →


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Review

Oh I love this feeling! I can't totally explain it but it's something that makes me feel good about love and about the world in general. It's like I am walking with sunrays caressing my skin as butterflies flies around making me feel more the cool brush of air. Ah. This feeling of being in... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently | Volume 30

It doesn't feel like weekend because I'm not at our house. I'm here at my mother's town. Well, I wanted to see my pamangkin (niece) whom I haven't seen for months now. So my Sunday goes like this... Explaining: The featured picture. It's just a random picture I had taken out of the blue. Then... Continue Reading →


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