Random Thoughts of a Twenty-Something

Many thoughts keep on rummaging my head right now. And why in the world did I put rummaging and head in one sentence...now that's another thing to think about. But I guess I reach another point when too much occupy my mind already that I need to spill some or else...they might explode into an... Continue Reading →


2018 Best Nine

I was able to tick some destinations from my bucketlist. Some were not on the original list but came as unplanned and were equally awesome. Ang dami pang dapat puntahan at ang dami pang mirang na dapat itrabaho because we're not RK like that. I thank Lord JAH for all the blessings this year...and for... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 30

It doesn't feel like weekend because I'm not at our house. I'm here at my mother's town. Well, I wanted to see my pamangkin (niece) whom I haven't seen for months now. So my Sunday goes like this... Explaining: The featured picture. It's just a random picture I had taken out of the blue. Then... Continue Reading →

All for the Love of Writing

It's been a while since my last post. I haven't been on the blogosphere for some days because I was busy with work and graduate studies. I wasn't even able to post for The Sunday Currently. Okay. Let me explain... It was a long weekend here in the Philippines. However, I and my fellow school... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 09

Hi there! I had not written last week's Friday post and I'm late with this one. I was very tired last night so I opt not make one but since our graduate class is cancelled today (yayyy), I'm here to make up for my missed posts. 😁 Happy: Quite. I'm happy but my soul can't... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 05

I'm having a bad day. It's one of those days when sadness is just an understatement of everything that happens within me. It's chaos. It's like everything is not on its proper place. This happens every once in a while. And I'm still caught off guard every time it happens. Happy: I don't even know... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 24

Hi. I'm currently doing a lot of things. No their not big deal. But somehow they take a lot of my energy especially now that I'm not 100% motivated to do them. So I decided to take a break and write this post...and also because my internet connection will be off later and will be... Continue Reading →

That Time of the Month

Here's the time of the month again when I turn to a monster...Or werewolf maybe? Or vampire? Haha. No. But it's bloody red. I'm just irritated by everything. I don't want to talk. I'm too emotional. I'm easily pissed off with just a simple noise, misbehavior, comment, and scents!  Now, consider the fact that I'm... Continue Reading →

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