The Sunday Currently | Volume 21

I guess, we all have that feeling for Monday--especially when it's Sunday night. But it's probably all different because tomorrow's a holiday again!  Many things happened today. And it's a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I don't even feel like writing but here I am... Explaining: The featured picture. It's me bound to my niece's place.... Continue Reading →


Friday Feels | Volume 01

I've been silent for a while. My work as a teacher has began again. Now I have lesser time for blogging. 😭 So I'm creating a new thread or whatever you call posts like this. Haha. It's like the Sunday Currently but it will be posted on Fridays.  Who wouldn't be in love with Fridays,... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 15

It's too hot in here. Too noisy. Too crowded. Too much for an introvert like me. That was a while ago. But now I'm fine. Tooooo fine. Charot. This must be the cheesiest Sunday Currently because my mind has gone like fireworks... 🎆 Hay. Pag-ibig. Feeling: I woke up not feeling well. There's something heavy... Continue Reading →

Day 4: A Day in the Life of Me

(Day 4 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge) I don't know but I was very eager to do this. For a person like me who has "OC" (obsessive-compulsive) tendencies, listing and organizing are two of my favorite tasks. 😂 I guess, I had a class before when I let my students list their tasks for... Continue Reading →

April: the 30 Day Writing Challenge

Hi, fellow bloggers.  It's April 1 (on our side of this planet). That's why I had decided to begin a 30 day writing challenge to have something to post and write about every day. (And no, this is not a prank because I posted it on April 1). 😂 I look over Pinterest and here's the list... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 13

Hi. It has been the second week after I decided to bring my blog to life again. And I must say, I'm enjoying it like never before. Saturdays and Sundays are usually done identically. At least, for me. But I do not have any complaints though. Actually, I love these two days so much, I... Continue Reading →

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