2018 Best Nine

I was able to tick some destinations from my bucketlist. Some were not on the original list but came as unplanned and were equally awesome. Ang dami pang dapat puntahan at ang dami pang mirang na dapat itrabaho because we're not RK like that. I thank Lord JAH for all the blessings this year...and for... Continue Reading →


A Day of Protest

I woke up late today. Waking up late is very unusual in so many levels: a) it is Thursday, b) there should be classes, and c) it is not a holiday. But waking up late is not an issue because on this day there’s enough reason why rather than being in the classroom, I am... Continue Reading →

And was it all yellow? Or red?

It's raining. In fact, there's a typhoon somewhere north. I was waiting for this news program to give an update regarding the weather but I'm not sure if that part was aired already...because after three commercial breaks or so, the highlight is still given to the issue which captured everyone's attention these past few days.... Continue Reading →

Saturday Trippin’

Unplanned trips are the best ones. And today is a proof of that. I agreed to meet my best friend at 9:00 am to accompany her to buy an office table. Unluckily, the table she wanted was out of stock. I ended up buying some baby clothes for my niece's birthday tomorrow. 😁 Then we... Continue Reading →

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