2018 Best Nine

I was able to tick some destinations from my bucketlist. Some were not on the original list but came as unplanned and were equally awesome. Ang dami pang dapat puntahan at ang dami pang mirang na dapat itrabaho because we're not RK like that. I thank Lord JAH for all the blessings this year...and for... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Troya by Joselito delos Reyes

Ang galing lang! Ang totoo. Walang halong kyeme. Hindi ito nang-cha-charot. Eto yung librong sumasalamin sa totoong buhay... yung posibleng kwento sa likod ng bawat napapanood na balita. Sa sobrang makatotohanan nito hindi ka mapapa-asa kasi gising na gising ka sa katotohanan. Nakatutuwa na may mga ganitong nasusulat pa sa panahong karamihan ay naaaliw na... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 32

Hi! I'm back. There's a lot of things to do but as usual I'm procrastinating again. And I miss blogging so much that I want to post a Sunday Currently today. Also, I have a lot to share since many things are happening lately. Let's better start... Explaining: The featured picture. Succulents. Plants. This is... Continue Reading →

To the Love of my Life 002

You make me feel high. My mind flashes with fireworks. And I don't know how to tame my running, jumping, shouting thoughts. It's euphoria. It's that type of happiness which the word happy will be shy of itself because it's not enough; it's an understatement. Being with you makes my mind run wild. I excruciatingly... Continue Reading →

February Poetry 3 | Survival

This strange feeling When things connive So that you end up Sitting at my side   Then--   I think of all the choices  I made in this little life You're always there The best I ever had Yes, life is cruel Life is hard But love, my love, Loving you  Makes me survive.

February Poetry 2 | Start

It was a sunny morning  And there you were-- with me Smiling, sitting at the table Sipping a cup of coffee Looking at you First hour of the day Makes me wish May this happen  A thousand times  Someday My heart flutters  Dancing with the brush of the wind Then your husky voice Greeted me,... Continue Reading →

February Poetry 1 | Closed

It's a closed door of a closed wall Enclosing a sad lonely soul Far from humans selfish call Away from those awaiting her fall She's hurt and bruised, the world turned black Just waiting for light in the dark Thus among the things she can lock She chose to tightly close her heart.

What am I Doing?

It's 12:45 AM and I'm here stalking myself in the blogosphere. I mean, I'm reading my past posts and I'm like, "This girl is sooo relatable." Haha! (I'm telling my own self that I am relatable. Nice. I should give myself a high five). 😅 Then I reached a post that seems to be painful... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 31

It's been a long time since my last Sunday Currently post. No excuses. I'm not good in that. I'm just busy with...with...procrastinating and dilly-dallying. Anyway, I want to post for my blog and shout, "Hey blogosphere! I'm still alive! I'm still in right?" Hehe. Okay. No more delaying tactics. So here we go. Explaining: The... Continue Reading →

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