February Poetry 3 | Survival

This strange feeling When things connive So that you end up Sitting at my side   Then--   I think of all the choices  I made in this little life You're always there The best I ever had Yes, life is cruel Life is hard But love, my love, Loving you  Makes me survive.


February Poetry 1 | Closed

It's a closed door of a closed wall Enclosing a sad lonely soul Far from humans selfish call Away from those awaiting her fall She's hurt and bruised, the world turned black Just waiting for light in the dark Thus among the things she can lock She chose to tightly close her heart.

A dedication

To The joy and jokes we shared And every memorable moment spent From rare and out-of-ordinary   To oddity and beyond With misadventures and  An encounter that lasts a lifetime

Kung Mahal Mo Ako

Kung mahal mo ako Hindi mo ako paaasahin Hindi mo ako sasaktan Hindi pagsisinungalingan Hindi paghihintayin Hindi lolokohin Hindi ipagpapalit Hindi gagawing tanga Kung mahal mo ako  May oras ka para sa akin May "ako" sa mga priorities mo May parte ako sa buhay mo Mayroong tayo Yun ay kung mahal mo ako Kaso hindi... Continue Reading →

Where Can I Buy Time

Where can I buy time       to hold your hand        until it's hours past nine? Where can I buy time       to make me say      all that I have in mind? Where can I buy time      to have your embrace      until I feel fine.... Continue Reading →

To the Love of my Life 001

I don't have any regrets that among all the people I chose to prioritize, I chose you. You have proven yourself more than what I had expected. And you still keep proving even if I stopped expecting anymore. Of all the people, you're the one who sticks with me--through the cliché parts of life--through the... Continue Reading →

Smiling But…

I've seen many people smiling today.  But I'm not sure who among them is really happy. I, myself, was smiling. But inside I know the truth. I am aware that I am not truely smiling. Many thoughts are running in my head. Many curves can't be kept straight. And what am I supposed to do... Continue Reading →

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