Where Can I Buy Time

Where can I buy time       to hold your hand        until it's hours past nine? Where can I buy time       to make me say      all that I have in mind? Where can I buy time      to have your embrace      until I feel fine.... Continue Reading →


Was it just a Dream?

Was it just a dream of you and me When the moon bids goodbye to the sea? Or the birds chirp with a happy melody When the trees sway with the wind in a harmony Like how the flowers face the sun and smile widely Or how the river runs deep and silently Was it... Continue Reading →

0007: Our Little Secrets

A lot of secrets had been shared by you and me Like how I know all the marks on your body And how your eyebrows would arch out of curiosity  And also your rants on the clichés of society And how your words would come out instantly  When you think of good lines from a... Continue Reading →

0006: Brain x Heart

Once upon a time      Like how fairytales begin There were two friends      Who must share everything But came a moment      We all knew will be happening  When Brain said it's wrong      But Heart thought the right thing A war started with a red flag     With... Continue Reading →

0005: You are the One

You're the song that suddenly reaches my ears When my heart tries to forget nightmares and fears You're the raindrop that caresses my skin When I feel raving numbness from deep within You're the living colors that dances with my sight When everything seems dull like black and white You're the scent of flowers that... Continue Reading →

0004: Sea of Happiness

This sea of happiness makes me glee With the key to the doors that accept me Not just knee deep but my whole body Something nothing else can guarantee This sea of happiness makes me free With the tree that gives me fruits of fantasy Not just a tea I sip when the clock hits... Continue Reading →

0002: You and the Night

Sometimes, I watch the shining stars at night Smile crosses my face when the sky is bright But as time passes by, I wait for a familiar sight To come near me and be my guiding light When the clock ticks ten, I know it's right To keep my wishes in a bottle not kept... Continue Reading →

The Story of Us

It's a story of love that ended            but didn't end. It's a relationship  that was over            but didn't stop. Just when you thought  everything is complicated,            here's the most complicated            story of all. -- ©... Continue Reading →

Separate Ways

People separate ways       And they will keep on convincing       Themselves       That they are better that way. And no one will tell them...       How wrong they are. -- © Kizzel Mina Written: 6:35 AM, April 23, 2015

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