The Sunday Currently | Volume 23

BTwo days passed so swiftly...especially when I'm doing things I was born to do. Here comes again that feeling of knowing that tomorrow's Monday. Oh. What a life. Explaining: The featured picture. These are my doodles or sketches for the past two days. I've been missing this form of art. I'm attracted to weird sketches... Continue Reading →


Stress Reliever

It's the time of the year when classes start in Ph and as a teacher that only means stress, stress, stress. So during my free time, I'm trying to do things I really wanted to do...and keep myself sane.

The Sunday Currently | Volume 20

What a beautiful Sunday it is when Monday is declared a holiday! Yay! Priceless. 😍 Philippines will celebrate it's Independence Day tomorrow and there will be no classes. You're a teacher if you know how biiiiiig deal that would be. Anyway, I skipped last Sunday's post because I wasn't feeling well. Sort of. Not physically... Continue Reading →

Bernardo, Kathryn Chandria M.

It's the birthday of one of my favorite subjects when it comes to sketching. Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo or popularly known as Kathryn Bernardo. We can also call her Yna, Maya, Mara, Mikay, or Chichay. Or Patchot, Jackie or Mia. Kayo ng bahala. Anyway, I love sketching her kasi (atin-atin lang 'to ha?) magkahawig daw... Continue Reading →

You Complete Me

You make me feel whole. You make me love the world more.  You make me dream. You make me smile. You make me feel all emotions. You make me feel human.  (Original sketch by the author.)

Love Yourself

Self-portrait. We can’t love ourselves any less, right? If we won't, who would? Sometimes, life make us feel unloved and alone. Why not just get the love from ourselves..

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