Friday Feels | Volume 08

It's Friday again! It has been one of the longest week. I can't even remember what happened last Monday. It feels like months had passed since then. Hehe. Anyway...what is there to feel? Happy: So-so. I'm not happy. I'm not sad either. I'm just in the middle like walking in a balance beam...Any moment, I... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 24

Hi. It has been weeks since my last Sunday Currently post. I don't want to state an excuse for that. Anyway, I'm back! So let's keep the ball rollin'. 😘 Explaining: The featured picture. We went to a nearby city a while ago. And here are some of the stuff I bought. What's with the... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 07

Hi! It has been a tiring day. Many activities happened in the school and I'm tired but not the kind of tiredness that makes me feel awful. In fact, I surprisingly feel great. Maybe because I survived this week. Or maybe because tomorrow's another Saturday. Oh well. Happy: Yes, I am. I've been productive today.... Continue Reading →

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