The Sunday Currently | volume 5

11/29/15 Sunday means staying at a comfort zone. Literally. Every weekday, we face challenging tasks (sometimes too much to bear). Then there's Sunday which make us feel home without even trying. Reading: God, I miss reading books so much I can't breathe. Note the exaggeration. Listening: Demons by Imagine Dragons 🎶 Don't get too close/... Continue Reading →


Habang may panahon ka pang mag-shift, mag-shift ka na…

Habang hindi pa naikakabit sa pangalan mo ang isang titulong habang buhay mong patutunayan. Habang bata ka pa at marami ka pang oras na magbago ng landas. Habang ang mga tao'y wala pang inaasahan mula sa iyo. Habang ang kakayahan mo'y hindi pa kinukulong ng tinatawag nilang permanenteng trabaho. Habang hindi ka pa binubuhay ng... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 4

The Sunday Currently |Volume 4 It has been a week devoid of recuperation. A much-needed rest was never within grasp. In short, ngarag pa rin hanggang ngayon! Reading: One More Chance by Juan Miguel Sevilla (just because the sequel of the movie will be shown next week. Kaway sa mga na-Basha at na-Popoy dyan! Haha)... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently | Volume 3

The Sunday Currently | Volume 3 I'm aching all over. (Disclaimer: This is not a melodramatic note.) I just want to forget what had happened but this body pain just reminds me of everything. Feeling: Pain (physically) on my feet and palms where the splinters went. Shoulders. And a bruise that suddenly appeared on my... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently | Volume 2

The Sunday Currently volume 02 Slept at around one o'clock because of a "deep" convo. But I woke up early nonetheless because of the alarm clock (though it's Sunday) banging Ariana Grande/ Nicki Minaj/ Jessie J's Bang Bang. I guess I need to change my alarm tune/tone(?) because it was not effective I just clicked... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently | Volume 1

Woke up at around 11:30 a.m. What should I expect? I slept at 1:30 a.m. So I am about to also start doing this "Sunday Currently" every weekend. Now what am I doing? Reading: Yes! Magazine's November 2015 issue feat. the phenomenal Aldub loveteam. (Yay! I love Meng.) Listening: The noise of the electric fan.... Continue Reading →


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