The Sunday Currently | Volume 25

It's too hot in the Philippines! Rain had been away for a week. When would it come back? I wonder. Hehe. Anyway, let me do this quickly since I still have a lot of things to do yet nothing can stop me to write. Blogging is life. Yeeeh! 😂 Explaining: The featured picture. I was... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 08

It's Friday again! It has been one of the longest week. I can't even remember what happened last Monday. It feels like months had passed since then. Hehe. Anyway...what is there to feel? Happy: So-so. I'm not happy. I'm not sad either. I'm just in the middle like walking in a balance beam...Any moment, I... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 24

Hi. It has been weeks since my last Sunday Currently post. I don't want to state an excuse for that. Anyway, I'm back! So let's keep the ball rollin'. 😘 Explaining: The featured picture. We went to a nearby city a while ago. And here are some of the stuff I bought. What's with the... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 07

Hi! It has been a tiring day. Many activities happened in the school and I'm tired but not the kind of tiredness that makes me feel awful. In fact, I surprisingly feel great. Maybe because I survived this week. Or maybe because tomorrow's another Saturday. Oh well. Happy: Yes, I am. I've been productive today.... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 06

The whether makes me happy and sad. It's the type of weather that keeps on raining and I got no choice but to listen to the raindrops and feel the cold wind...and maybe have some good read and hot coffee. Happy: Classes were suspended in the afternoon and all I did was to sleep. It... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 05

I'm having a bad day. It's one of those days when sadness is just an understatement of everything that happens within me. It's chaos. It's like everything is not on its proper place. This happens every once in a while. And I'm still caught off guard every time it happens. Happy: I don't even know... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 24

Hi. I'm currently doing a lot of things. No their not big deal. But somehow they take a lot of my energy especially now that I'm not 100% motivated to do them. So I decided to take a break and write this post...and also because my internet connection will be off later and will be... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 04

Hi. It's Saturday, already. Haha! But I'm still writing this post for Friday. I was so lazy yesterday to write about this. Maybe it's an effect of the stress combined from the whole week's work. And since I recuperated quite a bit, thanks to my 8-hour sleep, I can write down my thoughts now. Here... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 23

Two days passed so swiftly...especially when I'm doing things I was born to do. Here comes again that feeling of knowing that tomorrow's Monday. Oh. What a life. Explaining: The featured picture. These are my doodles or sketches for the past two days. I've been missing this form of art. I'm attracted to weird sketches... Continue Reading →

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