I am not her

I am not like her. I can never be like her. My hair is a mess while hers falls perfectly. She is beautiful. I mean, look at her; you’d definitely say it instantly. Me? You need to be with me for hours (or days maybe) to even realize that. Yes, you need to dig deeper... Continue Reading →


I Believed You (so much)

The only thing that hurts me now Is that I believed you I believed your words so much That their tattooed on my soul And I am out of breath Trying to erase them I believed your words so much That I thought their real And now my head aches Convincing itself  Those were all... Continue Reading →

Ito na ang Huli

Ito na ang huli. Sa wakas pagkatapos ng napakaraming iyak...mga hikbing pigil na ayaw mang marinig ninuman. Mga patagong pagpatak ng luha...sa wakas ito na ang huli. Pagkatapos ng lahat ng subok kung lumakad papalayo kahit bawat hakbang ay kasing bigat ng pusong hindi na siguro kayang buhatin pa ang sariling sakit. Pagkatapos ng pag-akyat... Continue Reading →

Sitting at the Church Yard on a Monday Morning

*the space between church and yard makes a difference. Listening to the rustle of the leaves Feeling the sunlight zipping through the trees The wind whispering something in my ear Snatching me away from now; from here The auburn bricks catching my attention Hinting stories of the past and unknown Ecclesiastical hymns played alone Painting... Continue Reading →

Two Worlds | Para Kay B

I am watching the first episodes of a kDrama, W: Two Worlds. This greatly reminds me of a novel written by Ricky Lee (a Filipino writer famous for breaking literary conventions and traditions). In his novel Para Kay B (For B), he created a story within a story in which the writer in the book... Continue Reading →

The Painful Pain

Have you felt the most painful pain? The excruciating one With those tearless cries When none can be shed anymore And you're left alone Coughing. And coughing. And coughing. You don't have colds. Of course. But that's how it is. It felt like a heavy punch In all corners. And you feel like throwing up.... Continue Reading →

Salt-and-Pepper Heart

Why would they say, "My heart was broken into pieces," when it is more that that? I mean it is possible that it was not just as simple  as cracked pieces It is more like it has been pulverized. ...into something like Sugar. Er. Too sweet. Salt maybe. Salty. Hot Pepper perhaps. Spicy. Or maybe... Continue Reading →

Resignation Letter àla TFIOS

DISCLAIMER: This letter was written two years ago (c. 2015) before I left my first ever job as a professional teacher. The name of the school has been deleted. Dear Ma’am: My work appointment at a new school is not a secret to you. So let this letter be not much of resignation but of gratitude. (And... Continue Reading →

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