Friday Feels | Volume 02

It has been a week. Another week to say, "I survived!" As usual, life is tough. Work is tough actually. Did I make wrong choices with my career? I hope not. I got this same tiredness every end of the week and I hate to think that I'm becoming like others who are living waiting... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently | Volume 21

I guess, we all have that feeling for Monday--especially when it's Sunday night. But it's probably all different because tomorrow's a holiday again!  Many things happened today. And it's a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I don't even feel like writing but here I am... Explaining: The featured picture. It's me bound to my niece's place.... Continue Reading →

Kung Mahal Mo Ako

Kung mahal mo ako Hindi mo ako paaasahin Hindi mo ako sasaktan Hindi pagsisinungalingan Hindi paghihintayin Hindi lolokohin Hindi ipagpapalit Hindi gagawing tanga Kung mahal mo ako  May oras ka para sa akin May "ako" sa mga priorities mo May parte ako sa buhay mo Mayroong tayo Yun ay kung mahal mo ako Kaso hindi... Continue Reading →

Saturday Trippin’

Unplanned trips are the best ones. And today is a proof of that. I agreed to meet my best friend at 9:00 am to accompany her to buy an office table. Unluckily, the table she wanted was out of stock. I ended up buying some baby clothes for my niece's birthday tomorrow. 😁 Then we... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels | Volume 01

I've been silent for a while. My work as a teacher has began again. Now I have lesser time for blogging. 😭 So I'm creating a new thread or whatever you call posts like this. Haha. It's like the Sunday Currently but it will be posted on Fridays.  Who wouldn't be in love with Fridays,... Continue Reading →

Stress Reliever

It's the time of the year when classes start in Ph and as a teacher that only means stress, stress, stress. So during my free time, I'm trying to do things I really wanted to do...and keep myself sane.

The Sunday Currently | Volume 20

What a beautiful Sunday it is when Monday is declared a holiday! Yay! Priceless. 😍 Philippines will celebrate it's Independence Day tomorrow and there will be no classes. You're a teacher if you know how biiiiiig deal that would be. Anyway, I skipped last Sunday's post because I wasn't feeling well. Sort of. Not physically... Continue Reading →

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