I slept and found myself in New York!

Okay. Maybe I'm watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother episodes lately that when I slept last night, I woke up in my dreams roaming the streets of New York. Yes! The City that never sleeps. (And yet I was there for the first time in my sleep.) To be honest, if I... Continue Reading →


2018: A Year of Hope (at least for me)

Nothing much in 2017. I only had some artsy Instagramy and VSCOeeey stuff, which I'm grateful especially that I got a friend to capture them. However, (naks, thesis ba ituuu?) I hope 2018 would give me more moments not necessarily captured by camera but...(how shall I explain it) but something that just...hm... just stays... something... Continue Reading →

Day 16: Wondering about What Ifs

(Day 16 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge) I reached the point where I had stopped thinking about what ifs. I had them too many times before. They haunted me before I sleep. And every time I woke up in the morning, they immediately tries to creep up. Before, I thought I could easily change... Continue Reading →


2013 had given me more than what this collage can represent. That year was like a chapter of my book that had many turning points: a chapter in which many unknowns had come to place and revealed themselves in front of my naked eyes and a chapter that had revealed many persons inside one dreamer.... Continue Reading →

I Want You to Burn!

There is this fire inside us. I am not just sure when we will be going to discover it. But it is somewhere in the corner-- just waiting for the heat and for the passion to inflame itself. Sometimes, it is neglected until it's too late, and it's impossible anymore to rekindle it. Sometimes, it... Continue Reading →

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