2018 Best Nine

I was able to tick some destinations from my bucketlist. Some were not on the original list but came as unplanned and were equally awesome. Ang dami pang dapat puntahan at ang dami pang mirang na dapat itrabaho because we're not RK like that. I thank Lord JAH for all the blessings this year...and for... Continue Reading →


Let’s Run Away

"I don't like physical activities. When I was a student, I hated PE. I don't trust myself when it comes to anything that requires physical strength.  It became worse when I joined last year's #colormanilablacklightrun and got myself into an ambulance after just a kilometer or two.   But that wasn't enough reason to convince... Continue Reading →

Saturday Trippin’

Unplanned trips are the best ones. And today is a proof of that. I agreed to meet my best friend at 9:00 am to accompany her to buy an office table. Unluckily, the table she wanted was out of stock. I ended up buying some baby clothes for my niece's birthday tomorrow. 😁 Then we... Continue Reading →

There’s More to Mornings

There's always something about mornings. It's like the moment you wake up, you need to recall a lot of things. Sometimes you even need to remember who you are.  But I guess, that's the main purpose of mornings--to give new beginnings. That we don't need to look back to the past so much That every... Continue Reading →

Day 8: What I ate today

(Day 8 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge) This post was delayed for four days. But my narration would stick to the day it was assigned (April 8), Saturday Philippine time. 😉 I'm not comfortable talking about what I ate. I hate the question "What did you eat for lunch?" I find it unnecessary to... Continue Reading →

I Want to Travel with You

I want to travel with you. I want to capture as many photographs of you in front of scenic backgrounds. Although for me, you're scenic alone.  I want to hold your hand. And squeeze it tightly every time the bus would speed up because you know how traumatized I am with buses and roads.  I... Continue Reading →

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